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I have been very busy painting 2017-2018 winter. you can find them on Well I still have a few months before spring is here to create more paintings. During the summer I like building something from wood. Cal my son found me a few burls I’m going to make tables with them.

This web page was created June 16th 2017.


I hope you find this enjoyable. I like my art all over in my house. I know i’m not great like the Group of Seven. But I now understand what art can do for me. It’s relaxing and gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I’ve completed a piece of art.


Ok what’s next…

I have lots of art to add.. 🙂 ♥ but the best place to see my art is on Instagram!!! Instagram I can add my art with my phone. Where a web page takes time.


Art by the Creek!!!!


OK Just a REMINDER to EVERYone!! This Friday JUNE 23rd at my place in HIXON. You are Welcome To a “ART DAY ON THE CREEK”!!! Starting at 1:00 AM till 5:00..

Please confirm (facebook message) if you can come.

If you can come you need to bring a chair or chairs..
Plus whatever you’re working on or start something new. Let me know if you can attend and I ‘ll give you directions (below) to my place to paint or create with us.

The white house behind the store on Thorp Rd.


The Map.. 🙂


Soon heading home.

A week is a long time in a motel room.. especially during the summer. Donna is not able to go anywhere. She has slept most of the days and nights. While she sleeps I’ve been typing. 🙂


I’ve blogged lot before on now owned by Google.
Everyday we were on holidays i posted to keep track of every day while i was off. just so all that time off was not forgotten.

I’m going to use this at home while painting. talk about my thought process while i’m painting.
I created a group to talk about the process. it works to encourage one another, but this is a little different.

I’m looking forward to coffee with Sandee and Terri to catch up on things that have kept us all busy the last 2 months.
I’m also looking forward to art day at my place this friday June 23.. “Art by the creek”. I hope it’s a sunny day so we can sit and have fun and make some great painting!!

See you soon!


Day 2 on my web page.

Well i’ve made changes, added and added more.
I think this is more of a personal treck than building the Art Page by me.
I’ve started this and and that moved here and there. built a blog i wrote in for months and then totally forgot it was there till Sandee told me she was building one.

I’ve had a web site for years through Webnames in Vancouver and I could point it anywhere I wanted, like Geocities by yahoo, Shaw, then facebook, now here. Who knows in a few years this will disappear and I will need to do this all over again. I played with HTML a long time ago but not interested anymore.. when i was learning computers it was great but i’m past that and want to paint.

Sitting in the motel room gives me time to do this sort of work.

I have to say thanks to Tracy. whom gave me incentive to keep painting and sharing my art. She knew other would like to know me, as she did. She was very creative and always wanted to be part of something I was building. She wanted me to share my secrets with her. How to build this or that. She liked coffee and visiting with both me and Donna. Yes she in a very kind way helped shaped my art. Thanks Tracy you will always be in my heart.

Tracy passed away in 2016


Perry’s first post.

A dear friend made a website about her journey. I love her writings. Her writings helped me, see how she feels and her challenges. She is also a artist and adds her art to her blog adding more to the feelings she expresses. I love you Sandee!

There are wonderful people and places. I’ve been privileged to meet and see. The 1st person is my dear wife. I think of our life like a journey at sea. Good sailing and bad weather sailing but we both remained in our little boat. Now we are where we are. We both need one another for support as we both get older. I’ve had medical challenges and now Donna has hers. Yes the sea is never still and I’m sure we will face new challenges on the horizon.

Yes friends can build us up, inspire us, sharpen us and redefine our thinking. When you find those you keep them close.

Places, I’ve only been to a few, well maybe a few more than a few. When I sit and think of these places I could have spent more time at each of them so really I only visited them. I think if you live there, then you know what’s around you. But if you are there and just take a photo, well it’s quite simple the memory is a photo.  Most of the places we visited are just photos, a blink in time. Some walking paths were steep others long. Some had grande mountains in front of us others had trees. Some had grand waterfalls others creeks winding through the tree roots. Some views were spectacular and awesome you could sit in one spot all day long. I have no regrets hiking and seeing and traveling to visit these gorgeous places. I’m glad we did what we could when we had the chance to do it because if we would have waited we wouldn’t have done it.