A Few Thoughts

What was i thinkin! Really it don’t matter because everyone looking or even studying this will have a different answer. I love the word, Subjective.
Actually I had extra paint and wanted to use it up.. but then i had to squeeze more from the tubes.

“Bad Bunny” 22 x 30 in oil on Arches oil sheet.

One of my biggest pet peeves is framing.. I know everyone has to make money but give us a break. So to compensate I’ve been trying to make my own. This is my 3rd attempt. The problem is time it takes to measure, cut and glue. But as you can see with a little stain it will look pretty good.

My home made frame.

Should i ever have a show??? Well, painting takes time. Framing takes time. Writing all the crap to apply at galleries takes time. Time… what a limited word.
So now to put the balance into time.
Our health, Donna how is at the top of my list.
My aging parents is also at the top.
Friends coffee appointments I can never say no.
Summer, like a ant there is only certain time to get certain thing done. warm weather outside work.
Winter.. it’s time to paint!!!


But they do add up.
I cannot say thanks enough to those who support my work by buying my art!
Those of my dear friends who have one of my art pieces i hope they enrich your lives like they do mine.


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