Oil Paintings

Let’s start with 8 from Canoe Mountain.
All of these are 22 x 30″ oil on Arches oil cotton 140 lb sheet. Plus I only use professional artist oil paints.

All of these have prints except #7.
The prints are both on high quality paper and Canvas. both in the original size as well as 1/2 size.
Prices available upon request.

Canoe mountain #1
1. Canoe Mountain #1
alpine meadow
2. Alpine Meadow
clear mind
3. Clear Mind SOLD
a mountains garden
4. A mountain Garden SOLD
heavy heart
5. Heavy Heart. SOLD
the rock bluff
6. The Rock Bluff 
the summit
7. The Summit SOLD
the trees edge
8. The Trees Edge SOLD

I will need to make more pages. one day.