So many I have done, you have no idea.. so what should i tell you?
If you are learning to be a visual artist every book recommends you draw, draw, draw! My advise is the same. Your style comes out, who you are comes out on the papers.
Let me show you a few.


1991 yup was a long time ago.. but anyone can draw. it’s the time and motivation that keeps you at it.
they say if you spend 4000 hours drawing it will make you, you the artist. now you have commitment. time to move forward to the next level and then the next level and so forth.
Now if you are smarter than i am you will learn this in school because they teach more than you will learn self taught. I catch myself saying “now that what that was for!” or “i should have read that before i did this”
ok im sure you see the point.


Page 42 of my 1st book or journal. not enough room to show them all.


Hell even i have lots to learn.. practice practice practice..