It’s hard to write about me.. So i’m going to tell you the things I like 🙂 and liked.

Art is a window. The viewer gets to see something that i could talk your ear off, but don’t. instead you get a quiet moment to judge me, to like or dislike, but at least be honest.
Why painting? I guess it starts with drawing. I’ve always loved to draw since i was a kid. But I think i should say I love learning and drawing and painting was part of the things that interested me and brought me satisfaction of achieving something. I was able to see the Group of Seven in Vancouver art gallery and it changed my perspective of art. How i would love to have something like that in my living room!!! Well there is no turning back. I love my house full of paintings.

I helped may people build things over the years. to the extent i could build my own home as the carpenter. yes it was a grand feeling knowing i did it. Put in my own forms, stand the walls, set the trusses, install the windows and doors, install the kitchen counters and the trim! I was worth all the sore muscles and time.
Then moved to finer projects.
I know you will see more of these items in the future.

What does it take to stay married? It’s not a easy thing to do. I would say a few words, balance, humility and not fighting back. Yes we have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Our grand child Matthew just graded in 2017.  Daphne has just a few years to go. I love my Donna. My wife loves gardening and crafts.

Computer and Inventory.
I’ve work in the same place for 40 years. Yup my entire working career in one place. I did move around in the company, work in the woodyard, machine room and stores on the floor. I became the catalogue analysis and look after 100,000+ skew codes for 5 years. then became a Supervisor of stores, which contains $21 million in parts, with a staff of 8. where i am still today. I love everything i do.

Learning is the key and liking it, makes life even more fun. I’m not a educated man and i think that alone pushed me to learn everything i could. If we could live longer the things i would love to do and the places i would love to see.

a fellow human.. perry

IMG_8179 (1)
And then there was all the hard work.. Yes we planted all these from seed. plus built the greenhouses, cut the lawn, tilled the dirt and work 40hrs a week in a mill.