Soon heading home.

A week is a long time in a motel room.. especially during the summer. Donna is not able to go anywhere. She has slept most of the days and nights. While she sleeps I’ve been typing. 🙂


I’ve blogged lot before on now owned by Google.
Everyday we were on holidays i posted to keep track of every day while i was off. just so all that time off was not forgotten.

I’m going to use this at home while painting. talk about my thought process while i’m painting.
I created a group to talk about the process. it works to encourage one another, but this is a little different.

I’m looking forward to coffee with Sandee and Terri to catch up on things that have kept us all busy the last 2 months.
I’m also looking forward to art day at my place this friday June 23.. “Art by the creek”. I hope it’s a sunny day so we can sit and have fun and make some great painting!!

See you soon!


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