Day 2 on my web page.

Well i’ve made changes, added and added more.
I think this is more of a personal treck than building the Art Page by me.
I’ve started this and and that moved here and there. built a blog i wrote in for months and then totally forgot it was there till Sandee told me she was building one.

I’ve had a web site for years through Webnames in Vancouver and I could point it anywhere I wanted, like Geocities by yahoo, Shaw, then facebook, now here. Who knows in a few years this will disappear and I will need to do this all over again. I played with HTML a long time ago but not interested anymore.. when i was learning computers it was great but i’m past that and want to paint.

Sitting in the motel room gives me time to do this sort of work.

I have to say thanks to Tracy. whom gave me incentive to keep painting and sharing my art. She knew other would like to know me, as she did. She was very creative and always wanted to be part of something I was building. She wanted me to share my secrets with her. How to build this or that. She liked coffee and visiting with both me and Donna. Yes she in a very kind way helped shaped my art. Thanks Tracy you will always be in my heart.

Tracy passed away in 2016


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