Perry’s first post.

A dear friend made a website about her journey. I love her writings. Her writings helped me, see how she feels and her challenges. She is also a artist and adds her art to her blog adding more to the feelings she expresses. I love you Sandee!

There are wonderful people and places. I’ve been privileged to meet and see. The 1st person is my dear wife. I think of our life like a journey at sea. Good sailing and bad weather sailing but we both remained in our little boat. Now we are where we are. We both need one another for support as we both get older. I’ve had medical challenges and now Donna has hers. Yes the sea is never still and I’m sure we will face new challenges on the horizon.

Yes friends can build us up, inspire us, sharpen us and redefine our thinking. When you find those you keep them close.

Places, I’ve only been to a few, well maybe a few more than a few. When I sit and think of these places I could have spent more time at each of them so really I only visited them. I think if you live there, then you know what’s around you. But if you are there and just take a photo, well it’s quite simple the memory is a photo.  Most of the places we visited are just photos, a blink in time. Some walking paths were steep others long. Some had grande mountains in front of us others had trees. Some had grand waterfalls others creeks winding through the tree roots. Some views were spectacular and awesome you could sit in one spot all day long. I have no regrets hiking and seeing and traveling to visit these gorgeous places. I’m glad we did what we could when we had the chance to do it because if we would have waited we wouldn’t have done it.


2 thoughts on “Perry’s first post.

  1. Well written. Loved the read. I can relate to having a picture verses actually removing the camera and spending time at a place, really taking it in and absorbing the detail, building solid memories.


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